Our Story

From a passion project, to a dream come true!

Kaaj Artisan Chocolate is a Vancouver-based craft chocolate company founded by four close friends. In 2020, during a time of global uncertainty, Fatima and Fakhteh took the leap to start their own business. Soon after, their partners, Mehdi and Sam, joined forces and together they brought Kaaj to life.

The company was incepted as a worker co-op, with democratic structure to ensure each member’s voice is heard and their vote is taken into account, resulting in a fair and equitable workplace.

Since 2020, Kaaj has been dedicated to creating the finest artisanal chocolate and serving customers with pride. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, our chocolates are made with the finest ingredients and a passion for excellence.

From classic chocolate bars to unique flavors and collaborations, Kaaj continues to innovate and delight chocolate lovers everywhere.

We chose ‘Kaaj’, the Persian word for pine tree, since this name represents not only the most common and abundant tree in the Canadian Rockies, but also our passion for outdoor adventure and natural beauty.

For us, Canadian Rockies is not just a scenery; it’s the inspiration behind our business. We wanted a name that captured the rugged majesty of the mountains and our cherished Iranian heritage.

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